Sunday, January 8, 2012

Household Hint- improve your duvet cover

To me there is nothing better than sleeping under a cozy down comforter during cold winter nights. But it is also frustrating to reach for your comforter in the middle of the night & find out that your comforter is all bunched down in the bottom of the duvet cover. This easy solution also makes it easier to put your cover on your comforter. Also, this is a perfect way to modify an old printed comforter/bedspread to use it in a duvet cover for giving a bedroom a cheap redesign or upgrade.

 All you need is a spool of thread, two or four 6" pieces of ribbon, and a needle.

I used white because our new duvet cover is white. But if
you have a darker cover, the color of the supplies doesn't matter.

First step, turn your duvet cover wrong-side-out & spread it out flat on your bed (or a table) Fold 1 piece of the ribbon in half. Using the needle & thread, sew the folded ribbon into the bottom corner of the duvet. Be careful to only put stitches on the edge of the hem (you don't want the stitches to show when the cover is right-side-out).

Easy as pie. Just make sure to stitch it along the hem.

Repeat the step above with the opposite corner. Then, if the comforter you are using doesn't already have loops or ties on the corners, repeat this step with the bottom corners on the comforter. Our down comforter already had loops. So next, spread the comforter flat on top of the duvet cover.

Then tie the ribbon to the loops on the comforter. Then, all you have to do to wrestle your comforter into the cover, is to reach inside of the cover, grab a corner & pull. Repeat for the other side & shake your comforter into place within the cover.

See the sewn-in loops on the comforter (left side)
Little bow & you are done.

This is so easy, that I can't comprehend why the manufacturers don't do this from the start? But 3 of the last 4 duvet covers I've owned have been missing this feature. The reason I love to make sure the comforter is secured with ties is because it is super easy to straighten the comforter within the cover, leading to a less lumpy bed covering :-). In other news, here are 2 bad photos of our new bedding. It brightened up the room room a lot from the dark brown duvet cover that we had & it also gives us more options for sheets when we can no longer find our color of green sheets (that happen to match the curtains & lampshades...)

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  1. LOVE this! I am so going to do this this weekend!! I get so tired of the down comforter falling down and we end up pulling up just our duvet at night! So irritating! :) Thanks so much for sharing!!